Spargerea tiparelor-Descoperiti starea de repaus

Breaking the Cultural Trance – Discover Stillness
Spargerea tiparelor-Descoperiti starea de repaus

Some insight into the quotation “To the mind that is still the whole universe surrenders” (Lao Tzu , Buddha, Chuang Tzu)
Know that deep inside, you have immense power that can, and will, change the world. You are the change..
By stilling the mind (activities or wei;realizing wu-wei) you allow the holographic universe to work,to flow and manifest through you.This give birth to direct vision and action- namely to supernormal or divine powers(siddhis). “Therefore the Master can act without doing anything and teach without saying a word.( Lao Tzu 2)
“The Tao of the saint is work(action) without effort(action)” (Lao Tzu 8). .Wu-wei is not inaction or non-action but a return to the simplicity of formless substance(37). “Empty yourself of everything.Let the mind rest at peace”. (Lao Tzu 16)
The same strategy of stilling the mind is described in Patanjali’s Aphorisms (Yoga Sutra ) in the second sutra of the first chapter ( Samadhi Pada) in which yoga is defined as a stilling or calming of the activities or impulses (vrittis) in the mind (yoga chitta vritti nirodha).Yoga(the unified state beyond the duality of subject-object;the holographic state) [is realised by ]nirodha[stilling;cessation]of the vrittis (activities,fluctuations,
modifications,impulses, the thought forms,workings) of the mind (chitta)
When you are surrendering to the universe(Ishvara pranidhana), the universe is surrendering to you
Cateva clarificari legate de afirmatia :“pentru mintea care e nemiscata intreg universul se preda”. (Lao Tzu , Buddha, Chuang Tzu).Descopera ca in profunzimea fiintei tale se afla punctul fix,axul universului care iti confera puterea imensa de a schimba lumea.Tu esti schimbarea..
Prin calmarea mintii (care este un proces,un trafic de impulsuri,valuri,activitati) trebuie sa intelegem stingerea,oprirea sau golirea (vidarea) mintii de valuri sau de activitati(in lb. chineza:wei;adica sa realizam starea de repaus,de completa relaxare,starea vidata de activitati:in lb. chineza: wu-wei) ceea ce permite universului holografic sa actioneze, sa curga si sa se manifeste prin noi(asta conduce la revenirea la armonie,vindecare).Atunci apare vederea nemijlocita a realitatii (dispare dualitatea subiect obiect si se instaleaza functionarea holografica).Din acest moment incep sa se manifeste puterile supranormale sau capacitatile nemijlocite ori divine(siddhis) de cunoastere si de actiune(universul se preda sau devine plastic).
Intalnim aceeasi strategie a stingerii activitatilor mentale in Aforismele Yoga ale lui Patanjali descrisa in a doua sutra din prima carte(Samadhi Pada).Yoga (starea unificata;in care dispare dualitatea subiect obiect; in care se manifesta functionarea holografica) se realizeaza prin nirodha [ oprire,punere in repaus,calmare, stingere,racire,golire,vidare] de vrittis (agitatie,vartejuri;impulsuri;fluctuatii;valuri;modificari ,oscilatii,gandurile;emotii) din chitta (minte); Atunci cand ne predam universului(Ishvara pranidhana), universul ni se preda.
Mai jos sunt citate care subliniaza cunoasterea aceleiasi strategii a linistirii mintii pt. cunoasterea scanteii divine si a luminii necreate :Iisus(Matei 23:24-26),David( Psalms 46:10), Upanishade..
Textul in limba romana pt Lao Tzu si Patanjali se afla in cartii publicate de Dan Mirahorian care pot fi solicitate autorului la

However, a quiet mind is imperative. Saints and sages have long recognized and cherished the value of the quiet mind. From Taoism we learn, “To the mind that is still the whole Universe surrenders.”
David, the Psalmist, alluded to the quiet mind as “the secret place of the most high.” We discover the truth that sets us free by being still and retreating to the “secret place of the most high.”
Jesus said, “Cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter that the outside of them may be clean also” (Matthew 23:24-26).
James, brother of Jesus and author of “The Letter of James,” said, “Purify your hearts, ye double minded.” Jeremiah said, “Wash thine heart from wickedness that thou mayest be saved.” “Washing our heart from wickedness” is the same thing as purifying our heart … the same thing as “cleaning the inside of the cup and the platter.”
When our heart is pure, we know ourselves. Otherwise, we are under the guidance of the false ego-self that always wants to appear special and important and
always brings mental turmoil and suffering.
When we know ourselves, we have peace, joy and happiness. We discover our true self — we purify our heart — by being still and communing — and understanding — with our heart. There is no other way!
Lao Tzu:”Stop thinking, and end your problems.”
Lao Tzu:”To die and not be lost, is the real blessing of a long life.”
Everything written on these pages can be summarized in one admonition found in
Psalms 46:10: “Be still and know that I am God”.
Or, following a continuous thread of truth through cultures and time, we read from the Taoist, Lao Zi (Lao Tzu ) and Chuang Tzu (Zhuang Zi): “To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders”.
Isa Upanishad –“ The Spirit, without moving, is swifter than the mind; the senses cannot reach him : He is ever beyond them. Standing still, he overtakes those who run. To the ocean of his being, the spirit of life leads the streams of action”.
Katha Upanishad -VI – “When the five senses and the mind are still, (during meditation) and reason itself rests in silence, then begins the Path supreme”
Textul in limba romana se afla in cartea publicata de Dan Mirahorian care poate fi solicitata autorului la
“To a mind that is still the whole universe surrenders.”
The one whose mind is fixed, and he rules over the whole world”.
( Chuang Tzu XIII 13. The Way of Heaven)
“If you can empty your mind of all thoughts your heart will embrace the tranquillity of peace(Lao Tzu 16)
The saint Person is always a man without a mind of his own he is at one with all of the universe (Lao Tzu 49)
The Master’s mind is shut off from the world(Lao Tzu 49)
“Cold overcomes heat. Tranquility conquers agitation. Purity and stillness Will rectify the world.(Lao Tzu 45)
By practicing “not doing,” nothing will remain undone(Lao Tzu 3)
When you practice “not-doing,” nothing is left undone.( Lao Tzu 48)
Do without “doing.”and nothing is undone.( Lao Tzu 63)
No thought, no action, no movement, total stillness: only thus can
one manifest the true nature and law of things from within and unconsciously, and at last become one with Heaven and Earth.( Lao Tzu)


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One Response to “Spargerea tiparelor-Descoperiti starea de repaus”


    Find The Point of Silence Between two breaths
    “This silent consciousness is all-powerful, all-knowing, the inner ruler, the source of all, the beginning and the end of all beings”. Mandukya Upanishad.
    Point Of Silence Meditation
    If you feel depression, lack of energy and interest, sadness, melancholy and cannot focus; when happiness is gone and life becomes like wandering in a desert… you are out of your Center.
    This simple meditation might help you to come back to the source of happiness, focus and bliss:

    Place yourself in a room, alone, and imagine that there are no one exists in the entire world, it is just you and the Universe. All living creatures on Earth are parts of you, every bug, and plant, and every person; all planets, stars and galactics, its all you. Embrace entire creation with your mind. In fact, all of it is made from the same star matter, the same elements from creation, so essentially, it is all the same. You are IT and this is Your Universe, and its center is your center, right at your navel, or in your heart; its center is YOU. Bring your awareness to your breath, this is the breath of the Universe. Listen to the White Noise of your cosmos, the absolute silence that underlines existence. Enter the point of silence and stay there still for as long as you need to rest.
    Come back to yourself. Take charge of your life from this moment and don’t let anyone or anything rub you out of your center, out of your beautiful self.

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